Keith E. Harman

Commander-in-Chief - Army

Vincent "B.J." Lawrence

Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief - Army

William J. "Doc" Schmitz

Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief - Navy

Kathie Schiebel

National Council Member - Air Force


Charles Eaton

Commander - Air Force

Mark Decker

Sr. Vice Commander - Marines

Rich Nutt

Jr. Vice Commander - Air Force

David Fouse

Adj / QM - Air Force

Cathy Brock

Judge Advocate - Army

Cynthia Archuleta

Chaplain - Marines

Rogelio Maldonado

Surgeon - Army

Larry Frappier

Chief of Staff - Air Force

Raul Sanchez

Inspector - Army

Warren Booker

Officer of the Day - Air Force

Len Hampton

Past Commander - Navy


Kyrk Westbrook

District 1 Commander - Navy

Victoria Haddox

District 2 Commander - Navy

Lu Ann Dyer

District 3 Commander - Army

Jack Doil

District 4 Commander - Navy

Eusebio Esparza

District 5 Commander - Air Force

Christopher Archuleta

District 6 Commander - Army

Edwardo Rodriguez

District 7 Commander - Army

Kirk Reader

District 8 Commander - Air Force